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Benefits of Blueberries:

1 – The tea leaves and dried fruits is diarrhea-relieving properties.
2 – to reduce the effect of blueberries, and arrange special days for women puts the creek.
3 – shows the effect of antibiotics urinary tract infections cranberry tea.
4 – activates enzymes that protect the body against cancer.
5 – has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.
6 – oily compounds, to be expelled from the body.
7 – when eaten fresh, cleans the blood.
8 – although feeder calorie content and low in sodium.
9 – lowers blood sugar
10 – Intestinal fiber has the ability to regulate metabolism.
11 – lowers blood cholesterol.
12 – pectin content is high.
13 – reduces the risk of a heart attack.
14 – Night vision capability increases.
15 – reduces the recurrence of the HIV virus.
16 – Vascular elasticity and increases the permeability of the eyes
17 – polyphenols used in the body of bioactive material, aktokyaninler, flavanols and tanenlerce rich.
18 – against cancer-fighting ellagic acid content is quite high.
19 – and a very valuable part of a healthy diet.
20 – Eye fatigue resolves, prevents myopia and visual impairment from diabetes. Glare, night blindness, blood vessels and eliminates cracking.
21 – constipation, nausea, stomach cramps, and prevents ulcer.
22 – prevents hardening of the arteries.
23 – Arrival and basur’u (hemorrhoids) improves.
24 – has calming properties.
25 – heal the wounds inside the mouth.
26 – for the disinfectant properties of the inflammation is extremely high in potassium content.

27-According to research cup blueberries a day, preventing the destruction caused by old age, strengthens memory.

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